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Welcome to Soedesh Jankie´s Homepage!

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The first adress should be working, but in case its not working you can try one of the alternatives. It will bring you to the same place!

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  1. Adress and picture
  2. Picture from my Mercedes Benz 280 CE (.jpg 74 Kb) *
  3. Photo Slideshow with my sisters children! (Javascript required)
  4. Pictures, links and downloads
  5. Guestbook
  6. Live Streaming Webcam (Windows Media Stream)
  7. Chatting on ICQ's IRC server ( (Java required)*
  8. ICS with a Huawei 3G USB modem New!
  9. Length conversion (Javascript required)*
  10. Types of hardware for playing and recording music*
  11. Computers:

  12. Basic DOS tutorial*
  13. File formats/extentions*
  14. Sending free faxes by e-mail*
  15. Using Netscape Composer as a Word processor *
  16. Running Windows from RAM disk
  17. My software*
  18. Browsers and internetsoftware*
  19. Connecting to the internet with DOS, Arachne*
  20. My old computersystem*
  21. OpenWINDOWS: Windows 3.1 alternative!

* = in dutch only (until now)

My homepage and the files you can download here can be used freely (unless stated otherwise) for non commercial use only. Others have to ask me for permission to use my content on his/her site.